5 Reasons Why Everybody is (Still) in Love With Avengers:Age of Ultron


Image: http://www.funnyordie.com

Avengers: Age of Ultron, is literally the movie we were all waiting for. Even though there were some early almost-spoilers about who was going to die, (thanks a lot, Joss Wheedon), the movie was still amazing. Here’s why:

1.  Up close and Personal In this sequel we get to know more about each character. Hawkeye has a family living in a remote farmhouse. Say, what? Tony Stark is ambitious to the point of destruction. Black Widow had a cold, scary childhood. Captain America overcame his longing for people who’ve been dead for years. The Hulk can turn back into Bruce Banner with a lullaby, of all things. Nobody every tried that while everyone was trying to shoot him, did they?


Image Credit: screenrant.com

2. New Characters: The Vision (a.k.a. the pink pseudo-humanoid), Scarlet Witch, and Quicksilver, complete with new abilities. The Vision, among other things, can lift Thor’s hammer. (Somebody’s finally “worthy”, and he’s not even human. :P) Wanda, or Scarlet Witch, has telekinesis and mind control. Quicksilver, as the name suggests, has speed.

                                                                                        Image Credit: comicvine.com

3. No Loki Maybe some small part of us missed Loki. Then again, maybe it didn’t. Loki’s prescence always leads to the predictable death struggle between the brothers. So Loki missing freed Thor from being tangled in the You’re-adopted-I’m-not-so-I’m-the-heir mess.

                                                                                     Image Credit: wikipedia.com

4. Ultron: Ultron was not included in the above list of new characters, because he’s a baddie, through-and-through. he goes around wreaking havoc because “he doesn’t know the difference between creating a world and destroying it”, like Tony Stark. It was a welcome change from a robot being the bad guy, rather than your standard, average extraterrestrial. he wants to eliminate the Avengers to to acheive “Peace in our Time”. Classic villain material.

                                                                                  Image Credit: screencrush.com

5. Quicksilver dies: Okay, so maybe this is not a good thing. But now that the time of mourning is past, we’re forced to reconsider. his death leads to a bunch of unanswered questions. Pietro was constantly looking out for his sister in the movie. It’ll be exciting to see if (and how) she stands on her own feet without big brother swooping in to the rescue. Will she be resentful that he died fighting for the Avengers, and blame it on them? (Maybe not, because she was in the final training scene with Captain America). Most of all will Quicksilver get resurrected?


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