Around the World in Halves

People always say that the best way to travel without leaving your house is reading. But instead of going in the usual theme of 80 (“Around the World in Eighty Days”), and scrounging up eighty books from ’round the globe, let’s do it in halves. After all, technically, the world is divided into two parts, not eighty. The Northern Hemisphere and Southern Hemisphere. The Eastern Hemisphere and Western Hemisphere. This series will pick two great books from different parts of the world. Technically, they won’t actually be set in those countries. Both of these books will be set in the United States. However, the authors of these books, and the protagonists, are from different countries. The one thing both books have in common is the same thing that binds them together, and made me include them in the same series. The values, traditions, etc. handed down from their parents stands in contrast with what they experience growing up. Maybe that sounds cliched. It’s not. Consequently, one of these protagonists is set in East Coast, the other in the West.


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