First Half: The Great Wall of Lucy Wu, by Wendy Wan-Long Shang

Awesome title, I know. The author is so cool.

Lucy Wu is an American-Chinese girl. She is the third of three children. Her oldest sister, Regina, is beautiful. As Lucy so neatly puts it, if you didn’t know the Chinese word for ‘pretty’ you’d learn it soon enough with Regina around. Next is her brother Kenny, the resident mathematics genius, whom her parents point to with pride. Finally her, the aspiring basketball player, who doesn’t get more of an introduction than, “Ah, and here’s Lucy.”
This is the home where, in a sudden bolt from the blue, Lucy’s Chinese great-aunt enters, leaving a trail of dim sum behind her.
To prepare for her Grandma’s arrival, Lucy builds the Great Wall in her room. She positions a cupboard in between to divide the room in two halves: her’s and her grandma’s sister’s.
The reason I love this book is because it’s so much more than another story with an eleven-year-old in it. It’s one of the very few books (that I’ve read) with a girl protagonist who plays basketball. Not only that, Lucy’s character is far from stereotyped, and her Chinese background blends with her American-ness.

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