Why it Sucks to Read on Wattpad.


If you haven’t ever suffered from a lack of books, you’re either extremely lucky, or you have an unlimited supply of green paper and storage space. But let’s face it, everyone has reached that critical stage at least once in their lifetime. It totally sucks to be so desperate for books that you have to start re-reading (gags) the newspaper. Unless, of course, it’s The Daily Prophet, in which case I envy you.

Only in these dire circumstances should you go on Wattpad.

If you happen to live under the earth, and haven’t heard of it, Wattpad is a website where anybody can write their own novel and post it in installments. The website show you how many ‘reads’ you get, and people can comment and vote on your books. Sounds like a book-lover’s paradise on the Internet, right? It’s not. Because just about anyone can post, the majority of books on Wattpad are beyond clichéd, replete with grammatical errors, and have stupid, predictable endings. Even the crappiest of books can get millions of reads if it sounds like the script for a low-budget romcom.

It’s an exhausting task to get on a website with hundreds of thousands of books, most of which are so awful they don’t even deserve an eye-roll, and try to find something to read.  The best you can do is to wander around for a few hours, with a gawd-help-us look on your face, then quit and never come back. Which is a pity, because there grains of wheat in those bushels of chaff, which are worth the search. Or even worse, to start reading something which is so bad, it’s horrible. Anyone who’s spent a minimum of ten minutes on Wattpad can testify to the fact that it’s full of chaff.

If you don’t have anyone to direct your search though, its pretty freaking hopeless. Every book has more or less the same story. Hello, insecure (but beautiful) girl protagonist. Hello, confident (and beautiful) boy protagonist. I will detachedly read your story to discover (surprise, surprise) that it ends just like I thought it would. Yay.

There’s also a lot of fanfiction on it, which is also (mostly) crappy. I mean, do you really want to read about an alternate universe in which Percy goes to high school and protects Annabeth from being bullied? She can take care of her own damn self! This is why I’m compiling a list of Wattpad books actually worth reading.

Image Source: Jacksparrow69 on wattpad.com


5 thoughts on “Why it Sucks to Read on Wattpad.

  1. I’ve never actually read any good stories on Wattpad, and they’re so cliche and badly written, that I’ve taken to just ignoring the site completely. Although I’m sure that there are a handful of writers on Wattpad that may actually be pretty decent, you’re gonna have to dig about a mile deep to find. DeviantArt is definitely a better place to find some pretty good fanfics, and Quotev is a better place to start writing.

    1. Ah, that’s a common experience, I’m afraid. 🙂 I’ve looked at fan are on Deviant, but I didn’t know it had fanfics, too.

  2. I read a couple of Jamie McGuire’s weeklies about what happened after Beautiful Disaster on Wattpad, but I wasn’t impressed. I also saw Colleen Hoover has a book on there, too. I read all of two paragraphs before I was repulsed by the book opening with a disgusting sex scene and never looked back. I’m also not a fan of Wattpad. It sounded like a good idea at first, but even authors like CoHo posting on there seems odd to me.

    1. There’s a Margaret Atwood book on it, called the Happy Zombie Summer Home. Owing to have never finished it, I can’t reccommend it, but it seemed pretty good.

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