Why Bella Swan from Twilight is Probably the Most Annoying Fictional Character Ever

Let’s face it, most of us have thought about this at one point or another. I had to post this when I found that  Rant and Rave About Books, whom I found through Thoughts of A Writer and Avid Reader, shared my opinion. What better way is there to spend an idle spring afternoon than venting your feelings about the most annoying character in book history?


  1. She’s a Clumsy Oaf

Now, this is certainly not her fault. But frankly, I think there is something seriously wrong when you come home with a giant bandage around your arm, and your dad doesn’t say anything more than “Oh, not again, Bella”, and returns to the television. Throughout the book, we have to put up with Bella’s gory accidents. At the end of Twilight, Bella is in a full body cast. (Clearly, the author has not done any research on what happens when you break a bone, because in a few months, Bella is all boomps-a-daisy. No physiotherapy, no skin color changes after the cast removal, etc.). And all those bones broken, because she wanted to see Edward play baseball. We have to ask, was it really worth it? In New Moon, Bella risks her life just to hear Edward’s voice. This is certainly idiotic in itself, but in doing that she hurts herself more than once). In Eclipse, she breaks her hand trying to punch Jacob. She just can’t seem to stop getting injured! Is it really so hard to watch out for yourself, Bella?

  1. She has no ambition beyond Edward

This is another characteristic of that queen of moronic characters, Bella Swan. She doesn’t want to go to college, at all. She doesn’t have a passion for anything in life, aside from Edward. If Edward was a subject in school, she’d probably score the highest. Not that she doesn’t get good grades, though. Bella is seen studying in various parts of the book studying (of course, only when Edward is unavailable). So she certainly isn’t dumb. But she’s definitely doomed to mediocrity, due to an alarming lack of ambition. Actually, it’s hard for me to believe that anyone like this can exist, at all (which makes her a very unrealistic character). How can you spend you life with no interest in anything whatsoever? (Except, of course, your creepy, dangerous mythical boyfriend).

  1. She’s a total weakling

Bella is weak. Not just the human kind of weak, in physical strength. She simply isn’t assertive. When Edward tells Bella that she can’t go see Jacob because it’s too “dangerous”, she immediately pictures an enormous wolf snapping at her, and Emily Young’s scarred face (Emily was mauled by her werewolf boyfriend Sam). Really, Bella? So hanging out with Edward and his family of vampires isn’t dangerous at all? Especially because, you know, Bella is such a klutz that she’s probably as likely to hurt herself and start bleeding as catch a cold. That’s right, bleeding, in a group full of blood-sucking leeches. And it certainly has happened, more than once.

  1. She lets everyone walk all over her

The saddest part about this is, she takes no for an answer. Instead of telling Edward exactly where he gets off, she lets Edward control her life. For heaven’s sake, Edward isn’t her parental authority. She is under no obligation to obey him. Yes, he is concerned about her safety, which is understandable. However, he needs to give her the space to make her own decisions, and stop taking advantage of her passiveness. Edward is far too controlling; he even bribes his sister with a car for kidnapping her for a few days, to prevent her from visiting La Push, where Jacob lives. Not only that, he also made sure she couldn’t drive her truck, again, with the intent of keeping her from seeing Jacob.

It’s not just Edward. It’s the entire Cullen family, especially Alice Cullen. Bella supposedly doesn’t like parties, or birthdays, or anything that sounds remotely fun. Yet, every single time, she lets Alice have “her fun”. If expensive gifts and parties make her so uncomfortable, why doesn’t she just say ‘no’ and mean it? It’s really annoying to sit there reading about yet another celebration that Bella wants nothing to do with (but is held in her honour).

It’s not just the Cullen family. What about Jacob? He forcefully kissed her, yet she didn’t do anything about it.She actually forgave him. Forgive and forget. Okay. Fine. Then he actually manipulates her into doing it again. (Jacob threatens to die in the coming war if she doesn’t). Yet she feels angry at herself, not at him. I don’t think there’s anything ‘kind’ or ‘noble’ about her puke-worthy action of blaming herself without reason.

  1. She has skewed priorities

She actually feels the need to leave behind her family, her friends, all for Edward. Her horror of getting older is so paramount that she wants to be young forever. Even if it means never seeing her family again, and becoming a bloodthirsty monster.

6. She has under-developed instincts of self-preservation

More than her uncanny ability to almost-die every few chapters, it is her utter disregard for her own life that gets me. She always, always is far too ready to die for the cause. Even more irritating, Edward swoops in like the overgrown bat he is and saves her.

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11 thoughts on “Why Bella Swan from Twilight is Probably the Most Annoying Fictional Character Ever

  1. I completely agree with you. Bella is such a bad example for young girls. She has no ambition whatsoever outside of being with Edward and becoming a vampire. I like the picture about how he can’t read her mind… Lol. Even the references Stephenie Meyer makes for her internal monologue are things an 80 year old woman would say. I’d read them and think- huh, my grandmother has said that before. And the clumsiness was off the charts. Granted, there are people out there who stumble on their feet or spill stuff all the time, but they’re not doing it every second of the day. And she’s so mean. When she first starts school and meets the kids, I was so irritated. It’s bad enough she calls her dad Charlie, but then she’s rude to everyone who talks to her.

    1. Exactly! And the kids at her school are so nice to her. I don’t think any new kid has ever been welcomed like she has. They pretty much rolled out the red carpet. She treats them like subordinates, who are at her beck and call. The other thing is how she moans and groans about Edward being too good for her because she’s not pretty. Hey, Bella there’s this thing called personality? Ever occurred to you that Ed might not be as shallow as you?

      1. I agree. The way they embrace her into their group is pretty unrealistic. Most cliquish high school kids are not going to let an outsider into their group. You may have one or two people, but the fact that everyone welcomed her and she couldn’t stand the sight of them was troubling for me. I found it impossible to care about her as a character. When Edward left in New Moon, I was like good now she can hookup with Jacob. I couldn’t stand how many times she said Edward was hot. It’s like we got it the first hundred times, thank you very much.

      2. That’s very true. High school kids in general are pretty closed off to newcomers, and yet they rolled out the red carpet for her. Another irritating thing is how she kept saying she was not pretty, yet plenty of people were hitting on her. As they didn’t even know her, we’re forced to assume that it was her appearance that clinched it. Me too! Jacob was way better than Edward, at least, I thought so until he started being manipulative. Also, Edward was a little too perfect, except for his creepy way of watching her sleep and his habit of controlling everything in her life.

      3. I mean I get it that the girl had no confidence, which isn’t uncommon, but Stephenie Meyer kept repeating it over and over. It was such a bad thing to show girls that a man will make up for your lack of self esteem. If anything, that kind of example would’ve had a different girl pregnant by the time she had graduated from high school. And in real life, he wouldn’t have been dying to stick around because he was so madly in love with her. If all her confidence is wrapped up in a guy, that’s a dangerous thing. What cracks me up is that schools use the books in classes, and there’s even discussion questions at the end of each one. They fail to address the abusive nature of their relationship in the questions. I agree. Edward was way too perfect or at least perfect in Bella’s eyes. Everything with him was always butterflies, rainbows, and unicorns, like he walked on water. Even a vampire doesn’t have one flaw? It’s like hello, they drink blood. But somehow he’s still perfect because it’s animal blood. That’s why I thought the Vampire Diaries was so much better. And of course, the writing was way better. Each of the brothers had flaws. They weren’t this prim and proper amazing version of a man. I feel like I’m ranting here, which I try not to do too often. I could go on and on though.

      4. Absolutely! Isn’t that a common theme everywhere? Boybands have been writing songs about it for decades. Girls have insecurities, and boys are supposed to swoop in and tell them they’re beautiful. It’s a classic romcom cliche. The girl says something self-deprecating, and the guy assures her she’s wrong. For once, it’d be nice to read a story about an insecure girl who realized that it didn’t matter what the heck she looked like, and resolved it on her own. Actually, if Eddie wasn’t a vamp, it definitely would have had Bella pregnant, as she had no concern at all for her own safety. She was pretty much all over him. When Edward tells her (in Twilight) how difficult it was not to kill her, she has “compassion for his suffering”. I’m sorry, what? It’s like the author is trying to tell us that it doesn’t matter if the guy is a possible psychopath, if you love him, don’t think twice about letting him kill you! He definitely wouldn’t have. Who wants to be tied down at eighteen years old? You should definitely take responsibility for your actions, but I don’t know of a single person of that age who comprehends the meaning of that term. Maybe the Vampire Diaries was better. I don’t know I didn’t stick around to find out. The main character of that story (what was her name again?) struck me as conceited, and it felt like she was always looking for validation from her peers. I thought it was going to be another Twilight, where the girl has absolutely no control over her life because a bunch of powerful, immortal guys want to get with her. Is it not that?

      5. The crazy part is the author said because she’s Mormon that was the reason they didn’t have sex until after marriage, yet there’s a ton of abusive behavior and other themes going on throughout the book. That never made sense to me given everything else. I agree. I’d also like to see a girl who is empowered without a male approval. I read November 9 by Colleen Hoover last night and the girl had burns down the whole left side of her body. She was insecure but then she meets this guy who makes her feel comfortable in her skin. It’s the same thing in every book no matter what the situation. Every author has the girl who’s helpless and the man comes to the rescue. Personally, I’ve never sought anyone’s approval, so I can’t relate to a character that needs male validation, but I do empathize with someone like the girl from that particular book. Elena is not a very likable in The Vampire Diaries books, so I liked what they did with her character on the show. But the draw to the books, for me, was Stefan and Damon Salvatore. I really liked both of their characters. It’s been so long since I read them, and I’ve seen years of the show at this point, so sometimes my mind blurs with what was from the show or book, but I remember liking the books though I never finished them. The author was replaced by a ghostwriter and it wasn’t the same. Elena definitely got sucked into their world, but I liked the concepts better than Twilight. I’m kind of over vampires at this point. As soon as True Blood ended that was it for me. I watched a couple episodes of The Vampire Diaries since then, but I think it’s been on too long at this point and the story’s just getting weird.

      6. Absolutely! Elena on the show was much better. Though I didn’t watch it for very long. I have very low tolerance for blood and crying people. I hate the sound of crying when it’s on TV. Real people I can handle. I really didn’t read very much of the book. From what I saw, they were a little creepy. But then i barely read it, so I’m not really qualified to express an opinion. That happens all the time with TV shows. I guess they run out of ideas after awhile. The Big Bang Theory for instance.

      7. The show got worse over the years. Elena had a doppelgänger and so did Stefan. That’s when I really started getting annoyed. I don’t remember if that was the case in the books because I didn’t read all of them. That’s usually a sign it’s time to stop making a show when they run out of ideas. I noticed that with The Big Bang theory, too. It’s kind of like American Idol. It’s been on long enough and no one cares anymore, so it’s time to hit the end button.

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