Everyone Died + My iPhone Stopped Working


Ever wanted to read about an apocalypse caused by two robots with superhuman intelligence who fought to the death, and where humans were the irrelevant casualty? No? Me neither.

Ever wanted to read something entertaining? Every single day, right? Me too.

You may not have known until this very moment that what you want is a combination of the two. Indeed, you still may not know it. I certainly didn’t, at least I until I read the first chapter. After that it was a blur of clicking over and over yelling, “Gimme MORE!”

Written by Aaron Rubicon, the book is a series of interviews with the survivors with the survivors of the apocalypse, conducted by a sarcastic boss and his geeky assistant, whom he keeps locked up in a cage. Mistreating the intern is recognized by law as a pleasant, harmless pastime, which comes right under the ‘pursuit of happiness’. Besides, who would put him in jail anyway? It’s the apocalypse! There is no law!

Personally, my favourite character was Mirabel, but she only comes in at the end, so don’t get grumpy if you don’t see her right away.

The humour was not always to my taste. It might not be to your’s either. The style changes from character to character, so if a particular brand of humour offends you, you can skip the interview. Some characters play less major roles in the plot than others. Be warned however: if you skip too much, or skip the interview of an important character, you’ll lose track of the plot.

I read some chapters with both hands gripping my seat because I was laughing so hard I ran the risk of falling off. It was like being on a ride at Disneyland. “Please keep your hands and arms inside the chair. Enjoy the ride!” Other chapters were decidedly less enthralling.

With that said, this is definitely one of the funniest books on Wattpad. Certainly the funniest one I’ve read so far.

Image Source: AaronRubicon on wattpad.com

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