Tarzan of the Apes


I’m a little surprised (but extremely pleased) by how decent this turned out. The shading is lighter on one side because of the lighting. Any other mistakes are mea culpa. This is, strangely enough, the first time I’ve tried to draw a Disney character. Drawing Tarzan in this position seemed uncannily similar to that time I tried to draw Ivan, from The One and Only Ivan by Katherine Applegate. Both of them have thick, round, muscular limbs. The only difference was Tarzan’s long, matted hair, which was extremely hard to get right. Drawing long hair on a guy seems to be the easiest way to make him look like a girl. This is based closely on Jane’s drawing of Tarzan, when Strangers Like Me is playing. We get a quick glimpse of a dramatically hunched, menacing Tarzan in Jane’s sketchbook, in obvious contrast to the expression of friendly curiousness on the real Tarzan’s face.


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