Between Takes by nonfictionalex


Between Takes is surprisingly good. It’s like biting into spinach to discover it’s actually chocolate.

While spinach is fine, most people would agree that it is grossly undesirable in comparison with chocolate. There are several things that make it seem like spinach. For starters, it’s a typical romcom. Teddy Sharpe meets Bennet Caldwell on a flight. Obviously, Fate does her bit in making sure Teddy’s flight gets canceled and he has to stay the entire Fourth of July weekend at Bennet’s house. Obviously, this would only happen in a pink-sugar coated Wattpad reality, but the way she writes it makes it seem almost believable that Teddy would suddenly decide that he and Bennet must not be parted, despite the fact that they had only been together for one plane ride. How frightfully clingy he is.

And yet the writing is good. It is occasionally interspersed with text messages that look like actual phone screenshots (how did she do that?) and a Wikipedia article or two.

It was an extemely enjoyable read. You would expect it to be cheesy, but for some reason it wasn’t. It was so unapologetically the typical romantic comedy, that it’s clichés, which were most of the major plot points, didn’t feel cliché at all. This is why it’s actually chocolate (really good writing) rather than spinach (relatively undesirable, but some people like it in small quantities).

One thing definitely helped: Neither of the characters were based on archetypes. Of course, they were both adults, so your evil-blond-cheerleader-and-jock combo didn’t make an appearance. Also, the two main characters were actually refreshingly unique. Everybody is supposed to be unique, but truth be told, in Wattpad books, they seldom ever are.

If there was ever a literary romantic comedy which left me feeling like I had drunk the milk of Paradise, then this is the one.

P.S. If this isn’t already obvious, the clever, reclusive author hasn’t given her full name out. Her username is nonfictionalex.

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