The Happy Zombie Sunrise Home, by Naomi Alderman and Margaret Atwood


This story is actually quite wonderful, even if zombies aren’t really your thing. It’s narrated alternatively between Okie, an eighteen year old girl, and Clio, her inimitable grandmother.

The story starts with Okie’s mom eating her dad. Sumatra has been infected with the zombie virus, and her daughter Okie escapes to her room, locking the kitchen behind her. Okie calls her capable Grandma Clio in Canada, who agrees to take in Okie and her mother- because family is family, even if your daughter-in-law has a peculiar affinity for human brains-as well as pay for their passage.

The story is full of delightful twists and turns as the plot thickens with every chapter. Grandma Clio, especially, is full of surprises. She is more than your average rhubarb pie-making grandma who fights zombies with garden tools. Her closet is virtually stuffed with skeletons.

Despite the predicted goriness of zombies eating people, it was a fun, humorous read. The book walked an interesting tightrope where the crisis was very much real, yet people were allowed to laugh at it. Okie’s mom eating her dad, for example.

The story is really, really short, but it’s a complete narrative. This is an unusually short review, but then, it’s an unusually short story. I reckon you can finish it in one afternoon of reading. Which is too bad, but then, into every life some rain must fall, as Wodehouse so rightly said.

Image Source: Naomi Alderman on

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