Turning Pages by Tristi Pinkston


Turning page’s is truly the book lover’s book. It’s replete with all the following elements which resonate chiefly with avid readers, which makes it a winner.

First, the book is replete with references to bestselling books. We all know the deal with references. When we get them, it’s hand-rubbing glee. When we don’t, it’s head-scratching agony. If you’re a fairly prolific reader, it’s safe to say that you’ll get around three-fourths of it. Not that you need to get the references to understand the story, though. It’s fairly easy to follow.

The book is basically a modern-day Pride and Prejudice set in a library. There are plenty of Austen reinventions, but what sets this one apart is that the author has one foot permanently in the Fiction Shelf. The references, the setting, even the book-loving protagonist are what make it worthwhile.

It’s chief charm lies in the fact that (for the most part) the setting is a library, whose cosy descriptions leave me feeling warm and fuzzy inside, because libraries just have that effect on me. The imagery is downright beautiful. (Wipes away imaginary tear). No, really it is beautiful. This passage in particular is one of my favourites:

“I tucked the roll of tape into my pocket and stepped away from the wall, looking up at the words I had cut from construction paper the night before. The blue letters that spelled ‘Staff Picks’ stood out against the library wall’s cream paint, making an eye-catching header for our display. My choice of I Capture the Castle was prominently placed between Hillary’s The Poisonwood Bible and Melanie’s The Hunger Games. The other employees hadn’t turned in their picks yet, and I had no doubt I’d have to hunt them down before the day was over.”

As this is pretty much a feel-good story for a night’s pick-me-up, I’m not going to offer any heavy criticism. There was only one thing that actually irked me, and it was the she-doesn’t-know-she’s-beautiful cliché. Come on, people. Anyone who’s even slightly attractive is in full possession of that fact. If someone actually doesn’t know they’re beautiful, that’s because they aren’t. Though perhaps if you really like someone, they do appear attractive to you.

Image Source: Tristi Pinkston on wattpad.com




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