Fangirl! by Angel Lawson


As this list of Wattpad books worth reading, as of now, contains only A-listers, and this is kind of second-rung compared to the others, I was at a loss to whether I ought to add this one or not. But then, Wattpad has such a woefully limited collection of books that don’t suck so I thought… well, why not?

The book’s main character, Ruby, is an enormous fan of a series of zombie comics. If you’ve ever been a hugely passionate fan of anything (which is a pretty common condition these days), this will seem pretty familiar. The protagonist goes on to visit FantasyCon, her favourite comic convention, where she actually meets the author of her favourite zombie series, Gabe Foster. Pretty much the crazy fan’s dream come true.

Funnily enough, despite being fiction about fiction, it is very hooking. Downright addictive, even. The main character did get on my nerves a little bit. Especially during the middle, when she sort of contradicted herself. (She actually asked the comic book’s author, Gabe Foster, if “a girl like me” could get a part in a TV series based on the book, and then repeatedly said no when Gabe offered her the role).

The narrative is fast-paced, thanks to the bad decisions the protagonist is constantly making, as teenagers (according to old people) are wont to do. She voluntarily helps out the lead male actor in the zombie show, Andrew Xavier, even at a cost to her own interests. He’s not even her friend. Don’t ask me why, it’s stupid.

Anyway, if you’re looking for something new to read, give it a go. It’s worthy of making the list, and is heaps better 95.6% of the books on Wattpad. That number is the product of deep analysis and not a number I made up on the spot (based on personal experience, of course).

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