Algorithm, by Arthur M. Doweyko


Friend 1: “So I was reading this ridiculous sci-fi book on Wattpad, and-”

Me: “Don’t you know better than that by now?”

Friend 2: “I know right! Who reads sci-fi on Wattpad?”

Me: “There’re barely any sci-fi books on Wattpad, which means the ones that are there suck.”

Friend 1: “Yeah. It was pretty dumb.” (laughs)

Yes, that conversation actually took place. (No, I don’t always interrupt people. No, I’m not pushy! Stop accusing me of things! I can’t believe I’m yelling at a voice inside my head. Oh my God, shut up already). Anyway, I now take back everything I’ve ever said about sci-fi on Wattpad, which is not very difficult, because I haven’t really said much. Sci-fi is a majorly understarved genre on Wattpad. If genres were Christmas stockings, then Romance, Chick lit and Humour would be three giant red stockings filled with chocolate and toys, and Science fiction would be the sad little gray sock with the chewed pencil inside. I know. Pathetic, really.

Science fiction has to be built on strong, rational scientific principles. There’s a reason that it’s not called fantasy. If the science in the science fiction doesn’t tally, the novel will inevitably not succeed due to niggling logical errors. This is Algorithm’s strongest point. The main characters are an organic chemistry professor and a microbiologist, and wherever the plot is called upon to provide a believable scientific explanation, it doesn’t disappoint.

The characters are well-mapped. The author’s inventiveness is really remarkable, although, I have watched very few alien movies and therefore am far from qualified to identify plot tropes. At the end of the book, the author mentions that this is only Part 1 of the complete, published novel, but I don’t think this should deter anybody from reading it on Wattpad. It reads as a complete novel, albeit with an open ending.

So, yeah. Science fiction may not be a category I’d recommend, but undoubtedly it is not without its gems.

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