The Trouble With Kissing Connor, by Jo Watson

This book had me hooked from the first page. I tumbled down headfirst into a cotton candy scented tunnel, and was dazed and giddy when I reached the other end. After the sugary pink haze passed, I realized several things. First, the plot wasn’t at all original. Sure, this was the first time that I had read anything like it, but there are droves of Wattpad books with exactly the same storyline.

This was a rather morose realization, as a large part of my love for it stemmed from the fact that I thought it was unique. As this dawned, it became clear that my book-which-could-do-no-wrong was far from flawless. Or perhaps I had (mistakenly) used the wrong standards to measure it.

Second, all of it’s characters are well-known archetypes. Sadie, the soccer-playing girl, is a mix of two archetypes: the rebellious tomboy girl, and the inevitably pathetic girl-next-door who gets passed up in favour of more glamourous characters. Connor is the golden boy: the athletic, good-looking boy who “yearns for more than this provincial life”, and supposedly has hidden depths. Sophie’s mom is the retired beauty queen who inflicts ridiculous female beauty standards on her offspring. Sophie’s twin sister Mackenzie is the evil, blond cheerleader. (What is it with the blond cheerleaders, I ask you? I have not met a single evil blond cheerleader, which leads me to doubt that they exist outside of the movies and books like this one).

These realizations considerably dimmed the halo that I had perceived in the book, until it was more or less nonexistent. However, I leave it to you as to how much this really matters, as it is certainly written well. If you perceive the above faults as perfectly acceptable, then it is perfectly acceptable for me to say that you will enjoy reading it.


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