My Texting Blues are NOT Funny

Texting really gets on my nerves, sometimes.

If I send you more than one message, all of them in which the enthusiasm is virtually palpable, the most destructive course of action you could possibly take would be to one-word me. Really? One-word? If I wanted a conversation composed exclusively of monosyllabic injunctions and emojis, I would text a toddler instead. Triple chocolate fudge you. I will take my sarcasm, sparkling wit, and good humour elsewhere.


4 thoughts on “My Texting Blues are NOT Funny

      1. Erm… I do think that, but I mostly don’t stop, just so it doesn’t look like I care overly much, but when it gets unbearable, what I mostly do is ignore the text for like two to three days or enough for you to get that I’m pissed. It’s really annoying when it happens.

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