Why You Should Quit Being a Pop Music Snob


If you think pop music is terrible, you’re (obviously) not alone. Hating pop music is probably the only thing heavy metal fans have in common with classical music lovers. Everyone hates pop music and all that it stands for. But why?

Is it because it panders to the common masses? Well, so did Shakespeare, and that hasn’t seemed to detract from the quality of literature he produced. In fact, if you hate pop music because it’s mainstream, then you should hate a lot of other things, as they too, are mainstream. The Harry Potter series were read and loved by an entire generation, as are Rick Riordan’s novels. Saga is the biggest non-superhero comic book series there is, which doesn’t change the fact that Saga is brilliantly unique and utterly irreplaceable. Game of Thrones is a both mainstream and unbelievably popular TV show, and nobody derides it. So why is it different with music?

Pop comes from popular. Popular music. If it’s so terrible, then why do so many people like it? (Enough people that it can be called popular, clearly.) Pop music artists are some of the highest paid in the world, and pop songs are everywhere. Whether they like it or not, people have to listen to it. At the same time, this still isn’t a valid reason for hating pop music. If you walk into a store and they’re playing a suck-y song, put your own earbuds in and turn up the volume, or tune it out, or just leave the store. It’s a minor inconvenience, really, and you’ll face it no matter what, because get this: not everyone likes the same kind of music.

Someone once told me that the reason they hate pop music is “because it’s too catchy”. I’m sorry, what now? All music is catchy, and all kinds of songs, both great and crappy, get stuck in your head. I will not provide examples in deference to the sentiments of rabid fans. Whether a song is good or crappy depends on you. It’s subjective, and people are allowed to have different opinions. (Still not providing an example. I’m already sticking my neck out here by coming to the aid of pop music, of all things.)

Finally, people who hate pop music but love Halsey. First off, nothing is more mainstream than loving Halsey. If Halsey was a religion, everyone would convert to it. If Halsey had a cult, everyone would be part of it. If Halsey had an underground bunker, it would explode, because it had too many people, and you know that Steve’s going to do something genius like set off a grenade that was lying deactivated for the last century. Bottom line (literally): don’t be a snob. M’kay, bye.

Image Credit: rebloggy.com

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