I Should Probably be Thankful for my Painfully Slow Internet.


Slow Internet is actually a blessing in disguise, sometimes. I’m so used to cribbing about slow Internet (in my head, if not aloud) that it feels rather odd to acknowledge this. But its true.

Slow Internet doesn’t allow you to make the snap decisions you normally would. While the page loads, my guilt at choosing to binge-watch YouTube videos slowly thickens, and even before the page loads, I close it and return to more meaningful occupations.

Unfortunately, while fast Internet may technically seem like a blessing, it allows me to get away with decisions that are potentially harmful. It aids my procrastination. If I was at the mouth of the rabbit hole as soon as I decided to venture down it, then there would be nothing left to do but fall.

But delaying that process, it actually helps me not procrastinate. So thank you, slow Internet. I know there isn’t any danger of you becoming any faster, and I don’t care.

Image Credit: memegenerator.net

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