The Boy in the Woods: An Update on the Baffling Situation We Now Find Ourselves in

This post is the direct (totally unexpected) sequel to a previous post.

Out of a strong sense of duty to God/Forces of the Universe/Code of Honour I know find it necessary to post the following disclosure. Yesterday, when my existence went into a downward spiral of meaninglessness, I binge-read the entire thing. It was pretty good, I guess?

Am I glad I read it? Yeah, kinda. I mean, I was pretty bored.

But am I glad I read it? Nah, not really. It was good, not great.

Still, I suppose it was better than I expected, overall. None too realistic, but there you are. You cannot really expect these things to be. Wattpad readers are a barbaric, violent lot. If the ending you serve them is not what they expected, or if there aren’t an adequate number of “moments” between the two lead characters, they will immediately commence slinging mud at you in the comments section.

The meeker ones will quietly slink away, and you will not notice until you see the drastic drop in the number of reads each chapter gets.

And so it goes, the vicious cycle of trying to appease readers in order to garner more of them to win Wattys and generally acquire fame and success.

Ah, well.


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