Book Review: The Trials of Apollo


My feelings are… quite mixed about this one.


Was it funny? Yes, it was. The classic humor found in the PJO series with Apollo’s ownnarcissistic twist makes for a pretty solid yes.


Was there a spectacular adventure? Certainly.


What about unexpected twists and turns? Hell yeah.


Yet, somehow, I didn’t feel it. That feeling that accompanies the reading of every Rick Riordan novel. I didn’t feel as emotionally involved in the story. Maybe it’s because we’ve been through too much already.


We’ve watched Percy as he fought his way through one war and another. We lost many a dear character along the way: Beckendorf, Silena, Bianca… The struggles, the heartbreak, all the complicated feelings- we’ve wrestled with them, not once, but twice, and the second time, on a far larger scale.


It feels like Percy and everyone else who survived those wars, should get a well-deserved break instead of being plunged headfirst into another situation.


I just don’t care that much any more, about what challenges they face. It feels tired, like that’s the only thing they’re good for. I don’t want the Percy Jackson books to become yet another of those novels: the ones you read to feel good, because you know the characters will end up safe and sound in the end.


Perhaps the old gang should be shelved, just for awhile. Give them a break, they’ve been through a lot. Let Apollo go on his adventures alone, and please, no more major wars. The trials of a narcissistic former god? Count me in. Just as long as it isn’t yet another life-changing prophecy that impacts the whole world.
Image Credit: USA Today

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