From Hope, to Hopelessness

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I hoped, till the very last minute that things would turn around. They didn’t.

And I know why.

This article put it better than I ever could. Instead of recognizing Clinton’s achievements, her experience, more than half of America voted for a reality TV star who’s never held public office.

I thought, when I wrote this frustrated plea that the reality was face now was impossible. “How can you go on calling it the Land of the Free if half of its people are persecuted on the basis of their gender?” I asked, then. And I ask you now. This is who the President is now. An orange man who calls woman pigs.

This is a step backward for everyone who ever believed that we were moving towards a progressive society. It is a blow to all of us who believed that one day we could live in a world where everyone had equal rights. And if you think that they already do- are you sure you didn’t vote for Trump?

I read this. And it brought tears to my eyes. These are the people who are hurt the most. We are all hurt by this.

As a woman, as a human being who believes in rights for other human beings, I’m frustrated that in the supposedly civilized society we live in, this can happen. It makes it all the more frustrating because of what could have been: a demolished glass ceiling.

I am sad, and frustrated, and angry, but most of all, I am tired of all of it. Tired of explaining why Trump and Clinton are not “equally bad”, tired of people dismissing the misogyny and hatred as “not that bad”, tired of hearing people, especially people I love and respect, say that “saying it isn’t the same as actually doing it” with regards to the sexual assault remarks, tired of hearing people ridicule what Clinton wears. I am sick, and tired of all of it. Why the hell would you care what our President WEARS, or whether she’s likable?

David Duke, ex-KKK leader, is gloating on Twitter.

Make no mistake, these are the people who Trump’s base of supporters includes. No, not all of them are terrible people, but by voting for Trump they have condoned the terrible things he says and does.

I’d like to hold out hope, but I really don’t see the point. Not for the next four years, anyway.

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