YouTube Rewind 2016 Is Out!

YouTube Rewind 2016 released… and it sucks.

Okay, so it doesn’t suck suck, but it’s just not worthy of being called a YouTube Rewind. Rewinds are supposed to have a coherent theme, and because a short video has to encompass an entire year’s worth of YouTube related history, it’s always crammed with a multitude of ideas. This time though, there were just too many.

There were so many cutaways and cameos that lasted less than 10 seconds. YouTube is one big family, but that doesn’t mean every single aunt, uncle, and second cousin twice removed has to be in the YouTube Rewind.

Take 2012’s Rewind for example. That was a classic. Everyone in the video appeared just long enough, and it didn’t have a complete overload of… well, anything.

2015’s Rewind wasn’t that great either, but this was worse. A bunch of YouTubers were in the Rewind so briefly that I only knew they were there when I saw their channels in the credits. (Where were you, D-Trix?!)

Meh. Do better next year, YouTube. For now, YouTube Re-Ryan it’ll have to be.

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