Why is BgA shipping Jeungri and J-Lite So Hard?

Image Credit: http://www.asianjunkie.com

   BgA, everyone’s favourite fake K-pop band which shook the foundations of the YouTube universe and got everyone SO PUMPED that I’m sure they’ll go on tour by the end of next year- but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. BgA is a K-pop band in the parody video created by Ryan Higa and the RHPC, and Wong Fu Productions. Their debut music video, “Dong Saya Dae”, became an enormous success, causing people to say things like, “BTS who? I like BgA!” and actually get away with it. (Warning: Do not try this elsewhere on the Internet. The BTS fandom name is ARMY for a reason. You will get pulverized.)

   After the debut, people relentlessly bludgeoned Ryan Higa with requests (and the other members too, perhaps, but I don’t stalk check their social media often) for a comeback. And what a comeback it was. “Who’s it Gonna Be” became no. 1 on the K-pop charts, beating *actual* K-pop groups. That’s a pretty phenomenal victory. I think it was the lack of poop jokes in this one that spurred it all the way to #1, but hey, that’s just my opinion.

   Everything BgA has done thus far has been for the solitary purpose of parodying what real K-pop groups are like, from the way they made ridiculous lyrics for “Dong Saya Dae”, to showing how one member’s popularity causes him to leave the band and go solo in “Who’s it Gonna Be”.  One thing, however, was different: The very obvious shipping which was absent from the first video.

   It’s extremely blatant that they’re pairing Justin Chon (J-Lite) and Jun Sung Ahn (Jeungri), except this ship is real. It’s part of the joke, but it’s also taken seriously, with a meticulously crafted cute moment towards the end of the video. Other than that, this relationship doesn’t seem very, uh, healthy.


Image Credit: @BgAARMY on Twitter

 All their ship-able scenes, except the last one, are filled with Justin bullying Jun. Anyway, everyone is shipping them with gay abandon regardless. (Heh heh. Get it?)  Justin and Jun have a ship name, and that hashtag is everywhere. (It’s #JUJU if you were wondering. I’m sure you were. No biggie, I read minds.) Jun posted the above picture of them on Instagram. That awkward moment when the ship ships itself. (I know it’s not 2014 any more, but I couldn’t resist.)

    Anyway, the real question is, why? Why pair up Jun and Justin? Is it to:

  1. Add another facet to the BgA concept as a whole, thereby making it a more interesting experience for fans due to added emotional investment?
  2. Reference how K-pop music videos often show the members paired up? For example, BTS has several overlapping ships within it. (Hey, you. Taekook shipper. I see you.)
  3. Add a romance, thereby making it complete? Phil (erm, P-Dragon), maker of romantic dramas and shorts, probably couldn’t sit idly without adding some relationship-y feels to the storyline.

As for me, I don’t ship JUJU. Yeah, the bullying isn’t real, but I still don’t like it. Et toi?


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