I Try to Draw BTS V’s Most Iconic Moment


As usual, I had a terrible time coming up with the title for this blog post. It vaguely struck me that ‘Taehyung’s Snapping Turtle Impersonation’ might not be a very relatable title as few people know or care about snapping turtles, and fewer still would relate it to the above moment in the music video.

To be sure, I cannot (truthfully) proclaim that the above moment is the most iconic, either. It definitely stuck in my head. If you think about it, it’s pretty odd. Why is he biting the air? Is the air supposed to be a metaphor for something else? Is everything a metaphor in K-pop music videos? Anyway, I have seen one other fan art piece of this specific moment, though, so I’m sure that’s an indication of something. Maybe this is a whole sub-genre, and I don’t know about it because I’m barely on the Internet. Sure, that sounds far-fetched, but for all I know (or rather, don’t know) it could well be true.

This actually took me some effort, because I generally lack the patience for sketching. It’s so much work, it really is. That’s why my sketches tend to be pretty darn lame, and I stick to cartoons, which take about half a minute so long as you have a fairly steady hand.

Anywho, I persisted with this, as the numerous erasures attest:



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