The need for an About page quite frankly baffles me. I never know what to write here. In retrospect, admitting that I have no clue what I’m doing may not have been the best way to begin. OH WELL.

I suppose, if somebody put a gun to my head and threatened to kill me, (but not until then), I would describe this blog as a curated compilation of creative content, both mine and that of others. This basically means:

I write about whatever I’m into at the moment. An abbreviated list: novels, comic books, travel, art, K-pop. I’m always discovering new things and getting obsessed. For instance, K-pop wouldn’t have been on that list six months ago, but right now I had to forcibly restrain myself from starting the list with it.

I generally feel compelled to write about the more un-mainstream books I chance upon. This is pretty much a way to share those books which are (sniff, sob) totally amazing, and yet few people know of them.

I also review Wattpad books worth reading, because finding something good to read on Wattpad is just really, really hard. Like it should have been one of the Twelve Labours of Hercules, hard. There are so many God-awful books with scary bad grammar that it’s almost not worth searching through them to find the good ones. These are fledgling writers after all, and they must flounder before they learn to fly. And yet, despite this, some of the good ones are (sniff, sob again) beautiful. Which is why I remain on Wattpad, weed-hacking my way to find the good ones.

I also draw stuff. Whether I have any skills in this regard is, erm, debatable, but I do it nontheless.

There. The villainous About page is finally filled in.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. It could be daunting trying to find what to say about yourself, but you did a good job saying something about your blog. I wish I could draw. I make some attempts. Thanks for your many visits and likes.

    1. I liked your blog. It was like reading fragments of a book. For some reason, to me, Hairific sounds more like terrific than horrific. 🙂

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