Pages From the Sketchbook: BTS (방탄소년단) V, Jin, Jungkook


The last time I blogged about BTS, I’d listened to one song, and I wanted to know more about them… Now, I’d probably say they’re my current favourite band- no, artist, out of all genres/languages/ethnicities/gender orientation/towns of birth.

This was inspired by the Blood, Sweat and Tears MV. From top, they are based loosely on Taehyung, Jin, and Jungkook.

I did try to make it look like Taehyung when I started out, but I ended up with something completely different, so first, I complained loudly to a patient friend. And after that, I went with the flow and didn’t even try with the other two.

Someday, I will aim for (and acheive) a resemblance, but that’s NOT TODAY. (Get it? Get it? Haha, I’m hilarious! Okay fine, sorry.)


Anxious Strawberry


Anxious about your life as a summer fruit, residing in someone’s refrigerator?

Depressed that no one can discern the difference between you and your siblings?

Equally afraid of being eaten as well as rotting because everyone forgot you existed?

Anxious Strawberry is, well… none of us.


Pages From the Sketchbook: K-pop band BTS (Bangtan Sonyeodan)


Dang, look at that page. It’s Smudge City in there. Perhaps I need a different pencil. Any suggestions? Oh, and this is Part Two. If you aren’t deterred by this smudgy page, check out the first one here. (And don’t worry, it’s not smudged at all.)

With the picture blown up this big (the actual sketchbook is about five inches long) a thousand flaws are clearly visible, but hey, art is about progress.

Sketching Zootopia


IMG_20160628_171911 In which I embark on yet another time-consuming but ultimately (somewhat) rewarding venture, with occasional help from Disney’s YouTube channel, Walt Disney Animation. Being a miser of pages, I cram as many characters onto one page with no regard to planning whatsoever. (I hate waste).

Tarzan of the Apes


I’m a little surprised (but extremely pleased) by how decent this turned out. The shading is lighter on one side because of the lighting. Any other mistakes are mea culpa. This is, strangely enough, the first time I’ve tried to draw a Disney character. Drawing Tarzan in this position seemed uncannily similar to that time I tried to draw Ivan, from The One and Only Ivan by Katherine Applegate. Both of them have thick, round, muscular limbs. The only difference was Tarzan’s long, matted hair, which was extremely hard to get right. Drawing long hair on a guy seems to be the easiest way to make him look like a girl. This is based closely on Jane’s drawing of Tarzan, when Strangers Like Me is playing. We get a quick glimpse of a dramatically hunched, menacing Tarzan in Jane’s sketchbook, in obvious contrast to the expression of friendly curiousness on the real Tarzan’s face.