If Everyone in “The Devil Wears Prada” Ignored Gender Roles


  1. Andy wouldn’t be the only one worrying about how she was a size six. Nigel, what size are you again?
  2. Nigel wouldn’t be able to work at Runway. I didn’t see any bald girls, or girls wearing glasses, or girls who weren’t wearing heels. I mean, it’s either that, or lose your job.
  3. Miranda Priestly wouldn’t have to worry about cruel tabloid stories. Like Andy so rightly pointed out, if she was a man, all anybody would notice was that she was rich.
  4. Lisa wouldn’t blame Andy when Christian Thompson kissed her on the cheek. Honestly, since when is that a crime?
  5. Andy would have graciously accepted when Christian offered to introduce her to an editor. Yes, it was Nate’s birthday, but opportunities (unlike Nate’s date of birth) aren’t annual.
  6. Andy would have stayed a size six throughout the movie, and rocked it.
  7. Andy would have learned to be confident even without putting on killer heels.
  8. The models in Runway would be both male and female.
Image Credit: coztume.com

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