Short Stories by Robert Thier


Me adding this to the list kind of violates a couple of unwritten rules. First, all the books I have reccommended so far are completed. As in, finished. You know what you call a collection of short stories that has (as of now) only one short story? Incomplete. Second, all of them have been full length novels. But I figure that’s okay. Third, I’ve only been reccommending one book per author because, really, none of their other books were good enough to make the cut. Besides, this way you can discover more authors altogether. The author of this short story also wrote another book on this list.

The blatant disregard I show for my own unwritten rules only prove how much I would go through for this story to be read by other people. Through, rain, and snow, and hail, and sleet, and so on and so forth. Because it’s really, really, unbelievably good. Okay, so it’s a collection and it’s not completed, but if the first story is anything to go by, it’s pretty much going to be a collection of masterpieces.

The first story, titled The Little Typo’s Tale follows a cute little typo, as he hides in his hut against the pounding rain of semicolons and commas, away from the nasty proofreaders who hunt him. Are you in love yet?

This bite-sized work of art is perfection in its truest, purest form. Sigh.


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